Virtual Appointments

Effective 3/26/2020


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual care appointments will be available. Call 701-746-7521 to schedule.

There are limitations of this mode of treatment, including but not limited to, the absence of in-person examinations. By participating, you are agreeing to be treated in a remote fashion in spite of the limitations. There are no guarantees with telemedicine. Virtual visits are not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions and should not be used in those circumstances.

The prior Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) insurance requirements for telemedicine claims have been waived during this public health emergency. North Dakota Blue Cross & Blue Shield is aligned with CMS for a temporary basis. The fee for the telemedicine visit depends upon your insurance provider’s policies for deductibles and coinsurance. Links for insurances are listed below. 

You will need a smart phone, tablet, or computer with video and audio capabilities. Smart phones require you to download the application CGM ELVI from the Apple or Android app store. Microsoft computers require a Chrome browser. Apple computers require Safari. Data rates may apply. An email will be sent to you from with instructions, a link, and an access code. You will receive a text to notify you of the email to confirm this is not spam. You will need to enter your name and accept the user terms to start the session. This connection will place you in the waiting room and notify us of your arrival to initiate the connection. 

This is new for us too. We appreciate your patience as we implement this service.

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